Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Longing For Home

As I look back on the days after graduating from Art School, I remember feeling very restless.  Living on a third floor apartment in the city of York was a lonely ritual I endured for many years. I remember many summer nights I could walk out onto the roof and look out over the city. I felt trapped and my heart longed to move back home to the country. I remember looking up into the city sky and wishing that I could see stars. There were no stars, just an orange haze.

My first job out of Art School had nothing to do with art. I worked 3rd shift as a nurses aid caring for elderly people. This was God's way of saying, "Deanna, I have a few things I'd like to teach you before you become an artist".  Adversity builds character and although I'd never wish for it, I know that the difficult times in my life where like a chisel chipping away my undesirable traits. When the storms of life come pounding one after another I think of it as God preparing my canvas so that one day I can paint a masterpiece. Meaningful art, like God's creation doesn't just happen.

Some of the greatest paintings in history were created in some of the most difficult circumstances. Every artist throughout history had someone they idolized. Some of the most loved hymns were written by composers who were grieving beyond words.

Through the fire, through the rain...stretching, pushing, pulling; there's always a force behind a great work of art. Greatness doesn't come without a price.

 Many people come into my studio and say if I could only paint like that. Some people don't know that I'm in constant pain...that I've survived cancer and my hands are often numb. I suffer from long periods of depression, especially through the winter months. My smile is how I tell the world, yes it's tough but I'm gonna do it anyway.

There are days when I want to walk away from my easel and never come back.

 A friend of mine is a recording artist who has a beautiful voice and everyone idolizes her. But I've heard her say there are days when she really doesn't want to sing. She gets tired of self-promotion. Nobody knows how lonely it is to be placed on a pedestal. People won't look her in the eye because they feel inferior and they're intimidated by her. She radiates beauty and promise while she's performing but her fans don't know that she longs to be an ordinary person who fits in with the crowd.

I want to turn the spotlight on people who have worked hard at what they do. These are people who we've featured in our gallery.

Mandi Trawitz Photographer displays photos
of her own flowers in our Photography Show.

Jackie Deibert's Photography
won Best of Show in our Gallery.

Debbie Brennan  won first Place in our
Sun Sand and Surf Art Show

Sherri Percoski won first place at
"Fall Hunt" Art Show held in our Gallery.
Sherri went on to study art with Thomas Wise
and has won many awards.

Here are some photos of our students and their work.

Dale Kessler during an Art Lesson in my studio.

My girls at work in my home studio.

"Granny Smith" by Elizabeth Teitter

Mandy Whitsel working on her tropical pastel painting.

"Summer Harvest" by Danelle Carvell
she is an amazing writer and Inspirational Speaker
who just happens to be my sister.


 Everyone has a calling, a purpose for being born. Find what that is and do it well. Don't measure your greatness with a man-made ruler. Man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart.
We must work harder on our inner beauty, building a personality that encourages
others and makes others shine. That's where true greatness is found!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Farm House Warmth

There's just something about a farmhouse that makes a person feel so warm and welcome. I just got back from a visit to my mothers house.  It was such a cold rainy day and as I pulled up the driveway she was standing in the doorway waiting for me just the way my Grandmother used to when she knew company was coming. As I darted through the rain she opened the door for me and it felt so good to be inside a warm welcoming house. She "put the kettle on" and we had a hot cup of tea with my sisters vanilla sugar. It tasted so good. It seems like anything tastes better when someone else makes it for you. The love and warmth that I felt today is certainly portrayed in this Limited Edition Print.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Bohner Homestead

"The Bohner Homestead"
Copyright © 2011

Charlotte Bylerly

I am very happy to introduce a work of art which is very close to my heart.  This is the way my mother remembers our home. It's titled "The Bohner Homestead"  Published from an original pastel painting of the Bohner/Reed homestead; established in the early 1900’s and later referred to as the Golden Hill.
Charlotte (Reed) Byerly's portrayal of common life, has been recalled from passed down stories, old photographs, and the carefree days as a young girl playing in the grassy meadows.

It is signed and numbered with a Certificate of Authenticity.  Available for purchase from the artist, Charlotte Byerly at 570-758-4099
or Wiseman Graphics (570) 758-2770.