Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dust is a Country Collectible

There's nothing like a trip to the attic to bring back old memories. At Christmas time I went up to the attic to get some decorations and noticed my daughter's toy box. It was covered with years of dust. When I opened the lid it was like a flood of memories pulled me back in time.  Little play dishes, tiny pots and pans all covered with tiny finger prints.  As I picked up a tea cup I could here my daughters sweet voice saying, "Mommy, lets have a tea party!" I remember her tiny hands offering me a cup of tea.    

 When I was a young mother I was a meticulous house-keeper.  I look back and wish I would have left the dust lay a few more days and used the time to enjoy being a mother.  I don't think any mother wishes she had spent more time doing laundry or dishes.  No, the laundry and dishes will always be there. But our children won't always be with us.  Here is a poem that my mother gave my sister and I when we were both married with kids of our own.

To My Grown Daughter

I was too busy when you wanted to help me cook. I had other things to do when you 'd bring your picture book. I failed to find the time for playing dolls and dishes or listening to your dreams and all your magic wishes. There was so much I had to do before it was too late. But alas, my growing daughter could not wait. Now the bed is neat and the toys in place, and there's no chocolate mess on a cherub face: no more interruptions while I'm on the phone, no questions to answer or locks to comb. No dandelion bouquets or special cards of glue. no crayon messages of "Mom, I luv you." If only I could turn back the fleeting hands of time I'd value each giggle and memorize each rhyme. I'd live each second to the fullest-your heart and life enfold. For little girls grow up so fast, cherish them like gold.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Generations of Love

I'm so blessed to live in a home with so much history. When we first moved in to Grandma's house my mother helped me to make some new curtains for the master bedroom.  My mother learned how to sew and crochet from my grandma, and grandma learned from great grandma. It's so important to create family traditions.
Women need other women.

  I knew that after my Grandmother was gone I would want to remember the special times that we had with her. I am so glad I took this photo of my grandmother, my mother and my daughter many years ago. 
"The Crochet Lesson"Copyright © Wiseman Graphics

I took the photo so I could use it as reference for a painting titled " The Crochet Lesson". I'm happy to say that I have finally found the time to start this painting.  I usually begin with a preliminary sketch in pencil.  This helps to create the composition and make any changes that I want to make.

Preliminary pencil sketch for "The Crochet Lesson"
Approximate size 5"x7"
Copyright © Wiseman Graphics
You may notice that I cropped out a few things when I did this drawing. I wanted the focal point to be on my mother, daughter and Grandmother. I moved the ball of crochet yarn out of the shadows so you could see it. It makes a nice cast shadow on the floor. I also removed the rug and left the old wooden floor boards show.  When I did this I discovered that my perspective was off. I will make that correction when I go to
the large pastel painting.
I would really like to add my daughter's kitten playing with the ball of yarn, but I don't have a photo that would work and I think it may look too made up.

Because my mother took the time to teach my daughter how to crochet, and make all kinds of crafts, my daughter just picked out some beads one day and decided to make some bracelets. Aren't these beautiful?

Her latest creation is called a rag rug.  She gave me one for Christmas. It just happens to match the quilt that my mother is making for our bed. I'll post photos of it and the quilt in my next blog.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Season for Change

We're all longing for summer and warmer weather. Just four days ago I drove through a foot of snow in my driveway.  As I write this, most of the snow has melted and the rain and wind are pounding against the house relentlessly. Many people are facing an oncoming flood. We live in uncertain times.

 Living on a hill leaves us vulnerable to the wind.  But that same wind that we try to escape in the winter will be pleasant on a hot summer day.

If we don't experience the rain how can we fully enjoy the sunshine? If we don't walk through the valleys of life, then how can we fully know the excitement of a mountain top experience. To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

Our house in fall. 

I love living in Pennsylvania where the seasons are all so different. Fall is by far my favorite time of the year. On a clear day the sky seems so much bluer than any other season. My theory from an artist's perspective is this; every color has an opposite which compliments it. The opposite of blue is orange. When the trees turn orange the sky looks bluer. Now, that was just one observation that gives evidence of an awesome Creator. Evidence of God is everywhere if we take the time to look around us. Especially when the seasons change.

A photo by my cousin Sherri Geisinger who has spent
many summers with Grandma on The Golden Hill.

Found this little guy in the Spring right after I did some planting in my flower beds.

In just a few weeks we'll begin to see the miracle of new life, and once again we'll be forced to acknowledge God's handiwork. As we grow closer to Easter, lets grow closer to the reason we celebrate Easter. Jesus Christ gave his life on a cross for the sins of the world so that we can all have eternal life. Only one life will soon be past, but what we do on this earth that has eternal value is something no one can ever take from us. Our talents and our possessions are not ours. They've been lent to us by God to be used for His glory.

What has God blessed you with? Take a piece of paper and begin writing down all your blessings. Begin with your next breath, yes even that is a gift from God. Whenever I'm feeling down I open my Bible and pull out my list of blessings and force myself to add to my list. Each time I do, I come away with a changed heart, a heart full of gratitude.

"Come Unto Me"
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Print
with Certificate of Authenticity and
  Diagram of the 7 Hidden Symbols
$49.95  6% Pa. sales tax  Shipping $9.00
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Jesus said, "Let the little children come unto me and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of God. Truly I say unto you whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall not enter into it." My portrayal of Christ with his eyes closed is to represent his human nature.  He was fully man and yet fully God. I wanted to show Christ enjoying this precious moment with the children. They always wanted to be near him. He knew that in a while he would give his life as a ransom for many.  If you haven't accepted God's gift with a child-like faith, why not make this Easter a time to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour.
It's the greatest gift you'll ever receive.