Monday, January 16, 2012

The Saga Continues

A while ago I did a post titled "Generations of Love".  I talked about
the importance of sharing family traditions that are passed down from
generation to generation. 

"The Crochet Lesson"

 I recently posted an update with a sketch
that I did from this photo, which was taken over 20 years ago. 
The little girl pictured in this drawing is my daughter.

"The Crochet Lesson"
Approximately 5"x7"
A Preliminary Pencil Sketch

Today was a very special day for me.
That same little girl spent the day in my studio
creating with me.

She still enjoys working on arts and crafts.
Her latest discovery is a website called Pinterest.
She found a pattern there to make a fabric bracelet.

She followed the instructions and measured strips of fabric
for what must have seemed like a long time
because after a long period of concentration
she said, "this is taking more time than I thought it would".
I said, "I know what you mean Jenessa. Alot of people
wonder why I do so much preliminary work before I
start a painting".

 You have to plot your course before
you set out on your journey or you'll end up lost and confused.
I spend many hours developing an underpainting in black and white before I put color over top of it.  The reason is because
it's important for me to establish how light or dark something is
before I add the next element to the painting, which is color.

My husband had a quote that he used to encourage me
while we were raising our daughter.

"Always teaching and always learning".

How true it is. My daughter told me that she has learned
more by watching me than by anything I ever
told her.  She's a visual learner. A chip off the old block.

What my daughter doesn't know is that she has taught me
as much as I have taught her.  Today her presence energized me.
Her personality has that affect on me.  It reminds me of a
song titled
You Raise Me Up. 
That is what my daughter does for me
Her presence motivates me to do and be all that I can be.