Monday, March 21, 2011

Generations of Love

I'm so blessed to live in a home with so much history. When we first moved in to Grandma's house my mother helped me to make some new curtains for the master bedroom.  My mother learned how to sew and crochet from my grandma, and grandma learned from great grandma. It's so important to create family traditions.
Women need other women.

  I knew that after my Grandmother was gone I would want to remember the special times that we had with her. I am so glad I took this photo of my grandmother, my mother and my daughter many years ago. 
"The Crochet Lesson"Copyright © Wiseman Graphics

I took the photo so I could use it as reference for a painting titled " The Crochet Lesson". I'm happy to say that I have finally found the time to start this painting.  I usually begin with a preliminary sketch in pencil.  This helps to create the composition and make any changes that I want to make.

Preliminary pencil sketch for "The Crochet Lesson"
Approximate size 5"x7"
Copyright © Wiseman Graphics
You may notice that I cropped out a few things when I did this drawing. I wanted the focal point to be on my mother, daughter and Grandmother. I moved the ball of crochet yarn out of the shadows so you could see it. It makes a nice cast shadow on the floor. I also removed the rug and left the old wooden floor boards show.  When I did this I discovered that my perspective was off. I will make that correction when I go to
the large pastel painting.
I would really like to add my daughter's kitten playing with the ball of yarn, but I don't have a photo that would work and I think it may look too made up.

Because my mother took the time to teach my daughter how to crochet, and make all kinds of crafts, my daughter just picked out some beads one day and decided to make some bracelets. Aren't these beautiful?

Her latest creation is called a rag rug.  She gave me one for Christmas. It just happens to match the quilt that my mother is making for our bed. I'll post photos of it and the quilt in my next blog.