Saturday, December 31, 2011

No Winter Blues

Our driveway

The old saying, opposites attract must be true because
my best friend can't understand why I enjoy being alone.
She needs constant interaction with people,
while I need times of solitude.
Creating art produces a different kind of tired.
 After viewing something up close for 8 hrs,
I need a place to rest my eyes.

I need to focus my eyes on something far away.
God knew my sensitive spirit and artistic eye would need
a place like this to call home.

I love coming home after a long day at work, to a my quiet living room.
 Now don't get me wrong.
I like being around people.
Our home is always filled with family and laughter on Christmas Day.

Christmas 2007

My mother playing the piano after she set the table
in our dinning room.  Christmas 2007

Nana's last Christmas at the homestead.

You might be wondering why I'm posting photos of Christmas's of the past.
This was the last Christmas my Grandmother spent in the house she raised her family in.
Going out doors in the winter at almost 100 years of age was hard on Nana,
but she always endured it to be with her family.
Looking at these old photos made me think of how it was on
the very first Christmas night.  It was anything but cozy for Mary, the mother of Jesus. The only expectation she had was to give birth to a baby that would save the world. There was no lavish feast, no decorations and no gifts.

 When I sat and pondered this,  I realized how many times in years past, I had set myself up for the after Christmas blues.  Could it be that the after Christmas blues come to us because we don't have our mind on Jesus.  We're so busy trying to get our house in order, putting up the lights, shopping
for the all the gifts. Spending late nights wrapping and baking and preparing for the big day.
Is it any wonder why we are just tuckered out after it's all over.


2012 is going to be different.  I'm going to spend more time worshipping God on my treadmill.
Yes, on my treadmill.  I play praise and worship music while I walk away the stress
of an over-active mind.

My New Years resolution is to simplify my life as much as possible.
To be happy with less and grateful for the things I already have.
To nurture a feeling of peace in my home and in my mind.

We weren't created to be rushing here and there,
filling our lives with more and more things that need to be charged,
plugged in and ultimately repaired or replaced.
Most of us long for the simplicity of an uncluttered life.
Simply stated, my New Years resolution will be...
"Less is More".