Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Bohner Homestead

"The Bohner Homestead"
Copyright © 2011

Charlotte Bylerly

I am very happy to introduce a work of art which is very close to my heart.  This is the way my mother remembers our home. It's titled "The Bohner Homestead"  Published from an original pastel painting of the Bohner/Reed homestead; established in the early 1900’s and later referred to as the Golden Hill.
Charlotte (Reed) Byerly's portrayal of common life, has been recalled from passed down stories, old photographs, and the carefree days as a young girl playing in the grassy meadows.

It is signed and numbered with a Certificate of Authenticity.  Available for purchase from the artist, Charlotte Byerly at 570-758-4099
or Wiseman Graphics (570) 758-2770.


4HisGlory said...

God, I wish I could back there to that patch of moss and lay on my back and look up at a blue sky full of puffy white clouds, with the sum streaming through the trees with my Lassie, or walk down the Tulpehocken Path to the reservoir with Snookie and play hide and seek in the pine trees. Back then you could see over the top of them.cas

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

I love feeling a nostalgia when viewing paintings like this!