Thursday, October 27, 2011

Harvest Home

A few weeks ago I took a walk down the road from our house. The corn was beginning to turn brown and there was a familiar smell in the air. You know, that earthy smell when the leaves are turning from green to brilliant colors of red, orange and gold. 

It won't be long until the harvest. I pondered how many times
this field was plowed, planted and harvested. 

Green Foxtails holding on to summer.
A hint of yellow coming from behind reveals their destiny.
The soybeans look almost ready for harvest.

A painterly sky catches my eye. God sure has a big paint  brush today.

I like to walk down Lubold Lane when the late afternoon sun
casts long shadows across the gravel road.

It's never been this green in Pennsylvania as long as I can remember.
The summer rains brought us lush green pastures for the cattle to graze.

One would almost mistake these rolling hills for Ireland.

But the cornfields give it away. This is definately PA.

A few days later the harvest has begun. I watched while my cousin and
brother rode the combine through the fields that border our yard.

Look at the truck filled with corn.
They call her Dolly cause she's top heavy.

I just finished painting our welcome sign.

Inspired by all the colors, I went to my studio and
did a painting called "Reflections".

The back porch is a favorite spot for me.

Looks like it's Stella's favorite spot too.
We always make time for porch sitting.
It's a family tradition at our house.

I'll try to remember these bright colors when the cold winter winds begin to blow.  The sounds of summer will echo in my mind. Crickets and peeper frogs will soon be replaced by the sound of geese and crows.

My brother looks to see how full the truck is
while my cousin Keith rides the combine.

It's time to come inside and take a break.
Watching the harvest is something I look forward to each year.
My family looks forward to my apple pie.
Make mine a la mode please.