Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Family Tradition

Nearly every summer for over 111 years the Bohner Homestead has been a gathering place for our Annual Family Picnic. 

A place to hang out with the girls and just enjoy the simple things of life.

The guys enjoy shootin' the breeze. 

Looking through pictures...

... and catching up on all the engagements, weddings and new babies that have arrived since our last gathering.

This is our dear "Nana"  Clara Reed who could always be seen holding a little one.
This was one of the best photos of her before she left us to carry on without her at the age of 102.

Cousins...Feel the Love.

Notice the clothes pin on the jeans.

Another unsuspecting victim.

My mother has a special connection with nature.
A butterfly landed on her finger while she was reading.
A special birthday with our daughter.

Some of the Reed Family could not be with us this year.
You were missed.  Maybe next year.

The Campbells
My family.

My husband and I with our daughter and son-in-law in the kitchen
carrying on a family tradition.


Mom said...

Love the song. This is so awesome,made me cry, made me laugh, made me glad for what I have. so many blessings. Thank you God I am where I am.

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

Just loved this post! So happy you get to share with your family!

Deanna Wiseman said...

Glad you enjoyed our summer get together. Can't believe it's the first day of Fall already. Where does the time go?